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This is it! my personal Live template, and a fully stock replica for Suite & Standard.

Being able to sit down and just start writing without setup is crucial to finishing song ideas. Being able to take that idea and quickly mix it down is just as important. So, I'm sharing my secret sauce, no holding back. This is what I see every day when I open Ableton (sans 3rd party sample libraries). This allows me to hit the ground running, then finish off with ease. 

Suite Premium Template using my plugins of choice
Suite Stock Template using just Suite effects
Suite Free Template using just free VSTs
Standard Stock Template using just Standard effects
Standard Free Template using just free VSTs
Inside the template:
Arrangement guides & examples
Pink noise channel for mixing
Several clip templates for common drum patterns & rhythm guides
100% Royalty Free Analog drum & fx samples
Multi-bank 128 drum templates (editable as template in Studio)
Analog Multi-sample instruments
Full drop-in Bus routing with remote controls (remote in Studio only)
49 Audio Effect Racks
Several custom Midi racks & device presets
Sidechain Compression (stock), or Gatekeeper Ducking (premium)
Waterfall limiting (stock) or clipping (premium/free)
Gated Reverb & Delay returns
Video guides to get the most out of Ultimate Ableton Templates