Ableton Stock Sidechain Bus Template (10.1.5+) - stock-sidechain-box

Ableton Stock Sidechain Bus Template (10.1.5+)


This is part of my 'Secret Sauce' for Ableton. Perfect Kicks & Snares, cutting right through with perfect transients and zero automation. This is the same method I use in the Ultimate Template, but without any of the additional products and samples.

Requires Ableton 10.1

Video of this used in my default Template:

I use a similar routing bus on every project. It effectively creates a 'pre-master' bus, allowing me to 'duck' everything (even return busses) with the Kick & Snare.

I have included a 'Visual Results' group to demonstrate exactly what the bus is doing.

I often expand this to include multiple ducking channels, as well as add multiband dynamic eqing to the Sidechain channel, sidechained to the Vocal group. All that to say this allows for a super configurable routing chain that is also extremely light on the cpu.